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 About InLinkUK from BT

What is InLinkUK from BT?

InLinkUK from BT is a new communications service that is replacing hundreds of BT’s existing payphones across the UK with new, ultramodern units called InLinks, delivering free ultrafast public Wi-Fi and other free premium services, including mobile device charging and a touchscreen tablet giving access to local services, maps, and free national landline and mobile phone calls. Launched in London in June 2017, residents and visitors of the UK will be able to enjoy InLinks’ services as its national rollout continues.

Who is behind InLinkUK from BT?

InLinkUK from BT is provided through a joint venture between Intersection, the company behind LinkNYC, and leading UK out-of-home media company Primesight, in partnership with BT.

What benefits do InLinks bring to communities?

At InLinkUK, we believe in greater connectivity and digital equality, allowing anyone to be able to get online for free. We are working with councils to determine how to deliver the greatest benefit to each community and optimise InLinks to help those who live, work, or visit those places.

How much does InLinkUK from BT cost to use?

InLinkUK from BT’s ultrafast Wi-Fi, access to maps, directions, and local services via the touchscreen tablet, device charging, and UK landline and mobile phone calls are all free services. International and premium rate phone calls can be made by using a calling card.

How is InLinkUK from BT funded?

InLinkUK from BT comes at no cost to the taxpayer, national or local. Deployment and maintenance of InLinks are funded by revenues from advertising on the unit’s digital displays.

Why was London selected as the first city in the UK to deploy InLinks?

InLinkUK from BT is a public Wi-Fi network intended for people on-the- go in dense urban areas with high footfall. The initial phase of InLinkUK from BT began in central London in June 2017, giving residents and visitors an early opportunity to try out InLink’s features, provide feedback, and help us create the best possible service as we continue to roll out across the rest of London and the UK.

How can I advertise on InLinks?

If you would like to inquire about advertising on an InLink, please contact Primesight at

How do I contact InLinkUK?

We’re excited to hear from you. Drop us an email at

When is InLink coming to my borough?

Over the next several years we will install more than 1,000 InLinks across UK cities. Check out our map and follow us to see where InLinks are headed next.

How can I get InLinks in my city?

Email us at and let us know where you’d like to see InLink next.

 What are InLinks?

InLinks are ultramodern Wi-Fi units which provide a host of free premium services to users, including:

What kind of tablet do InLinks have and what functionality does it have?

The InLinkUK from BT tablet is a custom Android tablet providing users with free access to local services, maps and directions, and free UK national landline and mobile phone calls. InLinks are designed to be modular and extensible to keep up with the latest technologies and user experience trends. Additional apps and services will therefore be rolled out on an ongoing basis.

Do InLinks have sensors?

We are looking into whether InLinks could feature environmental sensors able to capture data, such as air and noise pollution, outdoor temperature, and traffic conditions. The data collected by these sensors could be used to introduce an exciting new range of ‘smart’ services to local councils and communities based on the Internet of Things.

Are InLinks accessible?

InLinks are designed for accessibility, including for people with sight and hearing impairment. All of InLink's physical controls are marked with braille, and each InLink tablet has volume control, zoom and color contrast features which can be adjusted using the settings tool found in the bottom left corner of the tablet. The tablet also features a hearing loop to enable deaf and hard of hearing users to communicate using InLink’s free phone call feature.

How do I use the InLink hearing aid induction loop?

Each InLink structure’s hearing loop–assisted space is available directly in front of the InLink tablet. The hearing loop will work with hearing aids fitted with a ‘T’ coil. If your hearing aid is not fitted with a ‘T’ coil, it will not be able to receive the loop.

To use the hearing aid induction loop, follow the steps below:

  1. Ensure your induction loop–equipped hearing aid is set to the ‘T’ setting and you are standing directly in front of InLink’s tablet.
  2. Begin your call on the InLink tablet. The audio of your phone call will be received directly through your hearing aid.
  3. Volume adjustment is possible through your hearing aid if it is equipped with that feature.

Note: Occasionally, background magnetic noise caused by AC mains power in the general area can sometimes reduce sound quality or result in a background hum or buzz.

If you are having trouble connecting to the hearing aid induction loop or experience poor sound quality, please contact us by email at

Which phone boxes are you replacing?

A portion of BT’s existing payphones will be replaced with state-of-the-art InLinks in major cities across the UK. Whilst InLinks will replace a proportion of existing phone boxes, the majority of the red phone boxes will remain to preserve this iconically British part of the streetscape that is an important part of BT’s heritage.

 Using InLink

How can I find out where InLinks are located?

Check out our map to view current and upcoming InLink locations. Follow us to get announcements on what’s next.

How do I log into the Wi-Fi?

Connect to the InLinkUK by BT network with your phone, tablet, laptop, or smart watch. Just no self-driving cars—yet! View how to connect step-by-step, or follow the steps below:

Go to your device’s Wi-Fi settings and select the ‘InLinkUK by BT’ network. Our registration page will launch automatically, prompting you to “Connect”. Register with your email and you’ll be connected!

Note: if you don’t use the service for six months, you will need to register again.

Will my device remember the InLinkUK from BT network next time I want to log on?

After registering for InLinkUK from BT’s Wi-Fi network, most devices will automatically remember the network when you come in range of an InLink in the future. If your device prompts you to ‘Remember this network’, select ‘yes’.

Each device must be individually registered for in order to use the Wi-Fi network. You can use the same or different email address.

Note: if you don’t use the service for six months, you will need to register again.

How can I make a free phone call from InLink?

You can make free phone calls to anywhere in the UK, including mobiles, from any InLink. Make a call using the touchpad on the tablet or directly using the keypad.

To make a call using the touchpad on the tablet:

  1. Tap the “Free Calls” tile
  2. Tap the Voice Call icon to open a keypad on the screen
  3. Dial the number you wish to call on the touchscreen or keypad
  4. Tap the Call button to start the call
  5. When you finish your call, press the End Call button to hang up.

To make a call using the keypad:

  1. Dial the number you wish to call on the keypad
  2. Tap the Call button on the bottom right of the keypad to start the call
  3. When you finish your call, press the End Call button above the Call button to hang up.
  4. Need to adjust the call volume? Use the volume slider on the screen or the plus and minus buttons on the keypad to turn the volume up or down. You can also plug in your headphones for more privacy.

Can I make an international phone call from an InLink?

Yes. Place international phone calls by using any international calling card with a UK number. Just follow the instructions on your card.

How can I make an emergency call from an InLink?

In the case of an emergency, push the red 999 button twice to connect to the emergency operator.

How can I access City Services on an InLink?

Use InLink’s tablet to access local city services. City services vary per InLink based on services available online by local Councils.

How can I look up maps and directions on an InLink?

Link has free maps to help you navigate the streets like a pro:

  1. Tap the gray arrow on the tablet to open the app dashboard
  2. Tap the Maps tile
  3. Use the search bar at the top of the screen to type in your destination address, cross streets, or location name
  4. Tap the blue “Directions” arrow at the bottom right for step-by-step directions to your destination.

What is InLink Rewards?

InLink Rewards is an app on the tablet that gives members of the public access to rewards from a variety of brands. Once selected on the tablet, your chosen reward will be sent to your smartphone for you to redeem with the selected brand or retailer. Offers will be updated regularly with new brands and promotions.

There may be times when there are no active offers available in your area. If that is the case, please check back another time for new offers.

Learn more about InLink Rewards.

How can I charge my mobile device at an InLink?

Each InLink is equipped with two fast-charging USB ports located below the headphone jack. Simply plug your charger cable into a port and attach your device for a quick and easy charge. The USB ports are connected directly to a power source only and cannot exchange data between devices and the InLink.

How do I de-register from InLinkUK Wi-Fi?

To de-register from the Wi-Fi, please contact our Support team by phone at 0800 389017, or by email at

Note: if you don’t use the service for six months, you will be automatically de-registered.

 Technology and Network

What is ultrafast Wi-Fi?

InLink’s Wi-Fi network is most likely the fastest you’ve ever experienced, with speeds up to 1 gigabit (1,000 Mbps), with no data caps or annoying ads.

Will I always receive a gigabit of bandwidth when I access the network?

There are many factors that impact the real bandwidth available to a connected device. Among these are the number of devices connected, client device performance, radio interference in the environment from wireless or other electronic devices, and the speed of the services being accessed. Rarely will an individual device be able to access a full gigabit, but by providing a gigabit network we are ensuring the best possible performance for all clients.

How many users can an InLink accommodate all at once—how many people can be using the gigabit Wi-fi hotspot before it slows down?

An InLink can support hundreds of users simultaneously up to 100 metres from each kiosk. Performance will vary depending on activity, and the network is always shared equally with all connected users.

How often is the InLinkUK from BT’s hardware updated?

Technology changes in the blink of an eye, so InLinkUK from BT is custom-built to keep up with the latest technologies and user experience trends.

Are beacons included in InLinks?

Links have beacons to provide advanced location services. Just like GPS, beacon location services are strictly one-way communication from the InLink to a Bluetooth-enabled device, and only if you have specifically opted in and given permission to an app on your device to use them. Beacon location services are more precise than GPS, allowing for more accurate navigation at street level. InLink’s beacons do not collect personal data.

Who owns this fibre network?

InLinkUK has a commercial rental arrangement for service with BT.

What devices are compatible with the InLinkUK Wi-Fi network?

Most Wi-Fi-enabled devices are compatible with InLinkUK from BT’s Wi-Fi network. Beginning in Summer 2018, HotSpot 2.0-compatible devices will be able to access the private network, which offers an extra layer of encryption. The following devices are compatible with HotSpot 2.0:

Both the open and private networks will allow you to enjoy free and super fast Wi-Fi!

How do I report if something’s wrong?

Please call us at 0800 389017, email us at, or report an issue by clicking the “!” icon within the “Help & Support” tile on the InLink.

 Security and Privacy

How does InLinkUK use my personal data?

InLinkUK is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. Our Privacy Notice describes how we collect, use and share information.

What do you do with the images I share with you?

We may from time-to-time contact social media and website users to ask their permission to use content they have generated or posted. For a full description of our policy regarding user-generated content, you may view our User-Generated Content Terms of Use.

What safety precautions do you recommend when using InLinkUK's services?

We encourage users of InLinkUK's Wi-Fi to be vigilant whilst using personal devices on the street, or whilst using the free InLink tablet. Be mindful of your surroundings, and use your device's security features as a precaution in case your device does get into the wrong hands.

Is the Wi-Fi filtered?

Our Wi-Fi experience is designed to be consistent with the content filters used by UK ISPs to ensure safety and child protection whilst using Wi-Fi in a public space

What is the business model? How does advertising fit in?

InLinkUK by BT’s services are offered at no cost to users or taxpayers because it’s funded by advertising on the kiosks' two 55" displays. As a one-to-many advertising platform, advertisers are able to reach audiences using anonymous and aggregated information, such as number of users connected to a specific InLink at a specific time, but nothing identifiable about you or your device.

How secure is InLinkUK from BT Wi-Fi?

Any personal information that we store about users is encrypted, which means the words that make up your email address are scrambled and cannot be read without a special key. Encryption is the most effective way to secure data.

As with any public Wi-Fi network, we recommend that users always look for the secure lock symbol on your browser bar if you are transmitting any sensitive information.

When I charge my phone, is it possible to transfer data to or from an InLink?

No. InLink’s USB port is connected to a power source only and cannot transfer data between your device and the InLink. No information about your device is recorded when you use our USB charging ports.

I forgot to end my session before I stopped using an InLink tablet, what do I do?

InLink tablet sessions timeout after 30 seconds of inactivity, wiping all user sessions clean. To end your tablet session manually:

  1. Tap the log out icon at the bottom right of the tablet launcher
  2. Confirm you would like to end your session

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